What does the Cyber Lion Community offer?

In 2016, there were 500 cryptocurrencies available in the marketplace. As of May 2018, there are 1,624 cryptocurrencies in total and counting! It can be very easy to feel lost in this space especially as it continues to rapidly grow. With our help you’ll be able to tune out the noise of the market and focus in on some of the most profitable opportunities.

Cyber Lion is one of the top trade signal providers in the cryptocurrency space. We cater to every level of experience and help you to optimize your trading skills and amplify your profits in the process.

We accomplish this by offering personalized high-profit, low-risk trading signals generated by our in-house analysts. Additionally, we offer technical reports on thoroughly researched cryptocurrency projects and public companies. News travels fast and our live chat in discord will help you stay on top of valuable market insights by offering the tips you’ll need by connecting you to other real traders!

Join the Cyber Lion Community today to access to our chat, free trading signals, technical reports, technical analysis and more. But what really sets us apart is that we care for our community. Your happiness and profit means our collective success!

Technical Reports - Cryptocurrency & Stocks

Technical reports are documents that describe the process, progress, or results of the state of a technical, scientific, or research problem. In this case, reports include recommendations and conclusion based off of the research conducted prior to the creation of the report. We surface high-quality market opportunities, and share them with our community members to participate in should they choose to, based on the information presented within the findings of our reports.

Portfolio Guidance

Tired of just holding Bitcoin and Ethereum while you watch other cryptocurrencies grow faster in value? Or perhaps you’re simply looking to expand your long-term portfolio with the best coins. Whichever the case, our community offers insight into the coins that we think have the best potential to help maximize your investment returns based on various factors such as rate of growth, target market, and adoption strategy.

Trade Signals - Cryptocurrency & Stocks

Trading signals are a call to action to either buy or sell an cryptocurrency based on trading opportunities in the market. Signals can be based on various forms of analysis however they are most often generated using technical analysis sometimes in combination with fundamental analysis. The purpose of trading signals are to offer traders a mechanical method of making well researched trade opportunities devoid of emotion. For example, if you know you can trust your signal provider in their calls then when you act on a signal that has been sent you can open a trade and leave it without having to worry. In this way, you never have to fall victim to FOMO or FUD again.