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In 2016, there were 500 cryptocurrencies available in the marketplace. As of May 2018, there are 1,624 cryptocurrencies in total and counting! As a newcomer, one can easily begin to feel overwhelmed in this space especially as it continues to rapidly grow. With our help, you’ll be able to tune out the noise of the market and focus in on some of the most profitable opportunities. Cyber Lion is one of the top trade signal providers in the cryptocurrency space. We cater to every level of experience and help you to optimize your trading skills and amplify your profits in the process.  Join the Cyber Lion Trading Community today and access our chat, free trading signals, technical reports, technical analysis and more. 

Technical Reports - Cryptocurrency & Stocks

Technical reports are documents that describe the process, progress, or results of the state of a technical, scientific, or research problem. In this case, reports include recommendations and conclusion based off of the research conducted prior to the creation of the report. We surface high-quality market opportunities, and share them with our community members to participate in should they choose to, based on the information presented within the findings of our reports.

Curated Industry News

Stay on top of leading industry news in the crypto sector with our curated news picks. The problem with news aggregators and most discord communities is that they choose to employ bots to mindlessly post and gather news. Additionally, bots can’t differentiate between unsubstantiated claims and other market noise which can quickly cause people to feel overwhelmed. We personally read every article before we post it to ensure the information contained within is relevant, truthful, and most importantly, on topic.

Trade Signals - Cryptocurrency & Stocks

As a trader, you want clear direction on market timing such as when to buy or sell certain assets so that you can take advantage of upswings and protect your investment capital during market downturns. Our trade signals take the guesswork out of when to buy or sell so that you can confidently manage your risk and reward over time to ensure you’re staying profitable and saving time. 

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