CryptoWars is giving away $2500 to 5 lucky winners!

After a year of development, the first fully decentralized strategy game on earth is here!

We decided it was time to show the game to the people, even though it’s still on alpha. The team couldn’t wait any longer, and the community was rooting for it. Please make sure to send all feedback (good or bad!) to, he’ll be stoked to read your thoughts.

Let’s get to it! This is the first CryptoWars tournament in history, and to celebrate, we decided to give “cash” (probably crypto) prizes, the 5 best players will get $1000, $700, $500, $200 & $100 accordingly, for a total of $2,500 in prizes!

Taking part in this tournament is taking part in history, history of blockchain gaming.

What’s the start date?

The tournament starts on Dec 15th and ends Jan 15th at 6PM CET.

Who wins?

Who ends up with more Quantum Dust on Jan 15th at 6PM CET.

Prizes in cash?

Winners will receive their prizes in ETH, CASH, or Experimental Tokens (decision of the winner)

What about the referral program?

We have a unique and amazing referral program, you will get a personal link, and will get money for every single player you referred that ends up in the TOP 100 best players. Get as many players on board as you can, and your chances of winning will skyrocket!

When you sign up to play the game, you’ll get your personal referral link by email.

Can I play from mobile?

Unfortunately not on this first tournament, we need to work on the mobile version of the game and soon you’ll be able to play on every mobile phone.

How do you run such a complex game on the blockchain? No Metamask?

Thanks to Loom, check this post.

Can I cheat or use bots?

In the tournaments, bots usage is not allowed, any suspicious users will be banned. When we release the MMO version, bots will be accepted and encouraged!

Where can I ask questions and engage with the community?

Telegram is the best choice to get answers and meet other gamers. If want you want it to keep up to date and find out about future tournaments, follow us on Twitter.

In the near future, tournaments will work with prize pools, each tournament will have a number of available slots (how many players can play), a start and end date, and an entry fee that will go from really low to really high, so everyone’s happy (0.01, 0.05. 0.1, 0.25…¿100 ETH?) — these fees will compose the prize pool and Experimental will take a fee to finance its operations.

Now, friends, go build your village, summon your army and fight to death for Quantum Dust!