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Cyber Analysis - Educational Course


Our course is designed for anyone regardless of their level of trading experience or knowledge of market analysis. Throughout this course you will learn technical analysis, and how to apply it in your trades to become a more consistent, and profitable trader. Additionally, you have the option to gain access to a 30-day or 90-day mentorship along with the course. Learn from my mistakes, I will guide you step-by-step which will allow me to step in and answer any questions you may have in regards to the course content, as well as any questions you have that don’t pertain to course content. Simply purchasing a course is not enough it will still take hours of hard work and dedication, but with me by your side I will provide the necessary foundation needed to become a consistent, profitable trader. By consistent, I mean that by implementing my rules and strategies, you can achieve a success rate higher than 60%, using a proper risk/reward system to ensure that in the long run, you make a steady stream of income from your trading endeavors.

What you will learn by taking my course:

How will the mentorship package(s) help me?

A solid foundation of knowledge is needed to master any skill. Our course gives you the general market knowledge required to trade successfully, as well as, help you develop your own trading strategy to ensure that you are profitable in the market(s). Although strategies can vary, for the most part, this information can be found on the web through online or in textbooks for little to no cost. Many trading schools even give away their strategies for free because a strategy is only a small fraction of being a successful trader.

The mentoring process is critical to success more so than just the information a trader receives from books or articles. The mentoring phase allows for an objective third party to observe your trading. It can be quite difficult to see our own mistakes, but someone who knows what to look for can often spot those errors at once, correct us and provide an alternative or better way of trading. It’s like trying to fix your  swing in baseball without the help of a video camera, or a professional player watching. Because you are unable to see what you are doing when you are swinging (trading), you’re bound to continue making the same mistakes over and over again, even while working hard to correct what you think is wrong. The mentoring process removes that obstacle and makes the learning process that much more efficient thereby resulting in quicker progress than attempting to learn everything on your own.

Support is an important ongoing variable even after you’ve learned trading, and it’s also beneficial. It can be easy to slip into bad trading habits over time or change our behaviours without realizing it. Having a community of like-minded traders to help you through this time is a significant advantage. Even professional traders, like athletes, can have downtime in performance that requires a knowledgeable outside source to get them back on the right track.

Cyber Analysis - Cub Package

$ 75
  • Technical Analysis Course
  • Learn how to trade consistently
  • No Mentorship - Course Only

Cyber Analysis - Lion Package

$ 375 /1 month
  • Technical Analysis Course
  • 30 - Day Mentorship
  • Direct 24/7 communication with me (Discord or Phone)

Cyber Analysis - King Of The Jungle (Save 25%)

$ 850 /3 months
  • Technical Analysis Course
  • 90 - Day Mentorship
  • Direct 24/7 communication with me (Discord or Phone)

Curriculum Vitae: Cyber Analysis Course

Week 1

Introduction to Technical Analysis
– Why does technical analysis work?
– Time / Price axis

– What is a trend?
– How to draw trendlines correctly
– How to use trendlines, channels, and filters

Support & Resistance
– How to identify & define support and resistance
– Psychology of support and resistance
– Trading with support and resistance

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Week 2

– How to use candlestick charts
– Trader psychology in candles
– Single/Double/Triple candlestick patterns

Chart patterns 
– What are chart patterns?
– Why chart patterns form
– How to identify chart patterns (continuation, reversal, channels)

Moving Averages
– What is a Moving Average?
– Why use Moving Averages?
– How to use Moving Averages

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Week 3

Leading/Lagging & Momentum/Oscillators
– Introduction to technical indicators
– What are technical indicators?
– How do indicators work and why?

Stochastic RSI
– What is the Stochastic RSI?
– Trading with the Stochastic RSI

Bollinger Bands
– What are Bollinger Bands?
– Trading with Bollinger Bands

– What is the MACD?
– Trading with the MACD

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Week 4

Fibonacci-Based Trading Tools
– Fibonacci Retracements
– Fibonacci Arcs
 Fibonacci Fans

The Basics Of Trading
– How To Trade
– Diversification
– Stop-Losses
– Risk/Reward Ratio
– Multiple Position Trading
– Trading Strategies
– Market Orders


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Cyber Lion Weekly Cryptocurrency Blockchain

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Cyber Lion Weekly Cryptocurrency Blockchain

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Cyber Lion Weekly Cryptocurrency Blockchain


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