ELF - AELF Candy

What is Ælf? Why do I want to let these strangers give me their crypto candy?

That would be a great question to ask if these were strangers giving out actual candy however, Elf candy is a fun way to earn cryptocurrency for free through an incentive program. Specifically, a three-year airdrop. For a highly undervalued cryptocurrency (in our opinion). The airdrop program even doubles as a marketing/advertising strategy for the Ælf team allowing them to rapidly expand user reach across social media platforms.

What is ELF and what’s the Ælf team accomplishing?

Ælf is a decentralized self-evolving cloud computing network. A customizable blockchain operating system. The team aims to be the “Linux OS” of blockchain.By creating a blockchain infrastructure that is suitable for commercial operations. They do this by implementing sidechains, and a unique governance system. Here are some main highlights of the Ælf network:

Ælf consist of a single main chain, and multiple side chains to run smart contracts within the system platform. The main chain acts as the backbone of the system and is capable of interaction with other blockchains. Each side chain is connected through the Aelf main chain. Side chains cannot communicate with each other, so they must communicate through a main chain when transmitting information.

The Aelf system categorizes chains into two groups. One being external chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. The other category is internal side chains that run within the Aelf operating system. Side chains can branch further into sub-chains. You can read more here.

Great! Where do I start?!

First, we will explain what you need to do so that you can earn your free ELF. The system consists of connecting your twitter, telegram, and reddit. Once a day you’ll need to tweet, like, and re-tweet a post of their on Twitter, upvote their posts on Reddit, and add 1 person a day to the Telegram group.

  1. Sign upClick Here
  2. Connect social media account
  3. Do mundane tasks for free crypto and help promote a project
  4. Reap the rewards
  • Assignment points: These are the social media actions you need to complete once a day for points that will be converted into ELF
  • Influence Points: Get the word out and spread ELF influence for extra tokens
  • Interest Reward: The longer you leave your tokens in the Candy system the more passive income you make!

We know it’s a great idea they have and considering how great the project is we wanted to share all of this with you as well!

We have confirmed withdrawals to personal wallets as well as the Binance exchange wallet although, we recommend holding your ELF in the candy system and patiently letting it grow.

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