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Cyber Lion Weekly specializes in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Get curated information from leading industry experts delivered directly to your inbox and claw your way to the top of Crypto with Cyber Lion Weekly!


Cyber Lion Weekly issues a monthly newsletter containing an exclusive technical report for our members only. Once a month you'll receive a report on a project with a high-potential upside and very little downside risk. You can view a previous example in our newsletter section.

Technical Reports: Altcoins

We provide valuable technical reports on altcoins and current ICOs. Using a process known as fundamental analysis we examine the underlying financial, qualitative, quantitative, and economic factors to evaluate the intrinsic value of an asset, and in this case cryptocurrencies specifically.

Free Crypto

There are various ways to increase your passive income and earn free crypto. We find various methods you can earn free crypto by doing such things as playing mobile games (STORM), forecasting prices (CND), airdrops (AELF), or incentive programs such as mobile mining (ETN), and feature them here for you to earn free crypto!

Cyber Lion Weekly is comprised of a team of hardworking individuals with a passion for everything cryptocurrency and blockchain related. Our mission is to provide true, accurate, and informative reviews on altcoins as well as upcoming ICOs. We pride ourselves on our process' crafts, attention to detail, and ability to communicate complex cryptocurrency concepts into readable reports anyone can enjoy!



Founder of Cyber Lion Weekly. Slyxus does the research and analysis using various forms such as technical, fundamental, qualitative, quantitative, and SWOT analysis. Scouring through information and cutting out the noise with his most trusted sidekick, Coffee. Background in computer science with a range of interests in physics, psychology, sociology, finance, technology, etc.



Lead Developer

Sokobih is the Lead Web Developer at Cyber Lion Weekly. He designs, creates, and modifies websites. Analyzing user needs to help implement content and create visual front-end elements. He’s also a freelance web developer who is fascinated by bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. As a Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering he is also interested in anything about telecommunication or computer technology related.

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