(POWR) – Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

What is POWR?

The Power Ledger Platform is a trustless, transparent, and interoperable energy trading platform that supports an ever-expanding suite of energy applications, with an exchangeable frictionless energy trading token, Sparkz. The (POWR) token is the fuel of the Power Ledger Ecosystem.

Power Ledger Platform

The Power Ledger Platform is a robust ecosystem that provides interoperability between diverse market management/pricing mechanisms and units of electricity (kWh) by way of their tokens, POWR, and Sparkz. By providing a transparent governance framework to operate upon, Power Ledger is strategically positioned for seamless integration into a wide array of diverse energy markets around the world. Due to their approach, this means the Power Ledger Ecosystem is adaptable and scalable for applications within any existing or future regulatory environment. With such a dynamic agility, Power Ledger is ready to be adopted across a number of regulatory structures.


Market potential

With the current electrification state of the global population resting at 84%, there is a large demand for energy transaction platforms globally. This demand is driven by advanced and transitional economies, which require access points to modern sources of energy to drive economic growth and development. Access to energy within developing countries is a key factor in reducing poverty while improving health and productivity by promoting competitiveness and economic growth. Non-Stationary energy users are driving up demand for electricity globally. 

In 2015, the global threshold exceeded 1 million Electric Vehicles (EV) on the road, with the total number close to 1.26 million. In addition, there were already 1.45 million EV charging points worldwide in 2015. Furthermore, EVs are predicted to reach an equilibrium of price with combustion engine cars by 2025. Lastly, the estimations for EVs are between 2 to 20 million EVs in use worldwide by 2020, with 18 to 60 million by 2025, and 22 to 140 million by 2030.

Additionally, according to recent research from Frost & Sullivan, the renewable energy market will hit $228.3 billion by the end of 2018. In 2008, renewable energy was responsible for producing 18.5% of the world’s electricity. Since then, the number of renewable energy installations has increased that number to 25%, and predictions say it could reach 30% by 2022. In other words, global renewable energy capacity has double since 2008. Currently, there are 7 countries around the world entirely powered by renewable energy. Additionally, a total of 65 countries rely on renewable sources for at least 50% of their total electricity consumption.

Platform Applications

Power ledger will offer various applications through it’s platform to properly address various renewable energy markets. Some of these applications are currently deployed whereas others are still in development.

  • P2P Trading
    The peer-to-peer energy trading platform application allows electricity retailers to empower consumers, and in an unregulated environment, the consumers can empower themselves. This is accomplished by trading electricity with one another in real-time through an automated and trustless reconciliation settlement system. Other application benefits include the selection of clean energy sources, trading with neighbors, receiving more money for generating excess power. These processes indirectly benefit from the transparency of blockchain transactions, these low-cost settlements lead to lower power bills and improved returns for investments in distributed renewables. Currently, the Power Ledger application has been deployed at American PowerNet, a licensed retail electric provider headquartered in Wyomissing, PA.

  • NEO-Retailer
    A Neo-Retailer is in reference to innovative energy retailers in which P2P trading is supported through effective aggregation of consumer preference and demand. The Neo-Retailer platform on the Power Ledger platform will provide smart demand and supply management as well as near instant remuneration and payment settlements.

  • Microgrid/Embedded Network Operator/Strata

    This Platform Application enables electricity metering, big data acquisition, rapid micro-transactions, and grid management at an unprecedented granular scale. Trading that takes place within embedded networks breaks the classic relationship between generation ownership and energy consumption, which means value can be derived from an investment in distributed energy resources (DER)

  • Wholesale Market Settlement

    The wholesale market settlement application will offer features including rapid low-cost and transparent dispatch optimization management, data aggregation, reconciliation, and settlement for wholesale energy marketplaces.

  • Autonomous Asset Management

    Currently, this Platform Application allows for the shared ownership of renewable energy assets and trading renewable asset ownership. The AA application is capable of buying and selling its own electricity as well as distributing its income to pre-assigned wallet addresses.

  • Distributed Market Management

    This robust Platform Application will provide access to data metering, the collection of big data, rights to access and dispatch of assets, rapid transaction settlements, network load balancing, frequency management, demand-side response, and demand-side load management. All of which allows for the optimization of network assets in near real-time remuneration of asset owners.

  • Electric Vehicles

    This application class will provide benefits to the platform by facilitating real-time metering data by interfacing with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) enabling the collection of data, user identification, and rapid transaction settlement.

  • Power Port

    The Power Port application enables roadside assistance and virtual pipeline types of an asset may be automated via the platform, such as EVs, and can provide a mobile storage discharge facility, which maintains energy supplies to self-sufficient energy consumers.

  • Carbon Trading

    This type of Platform Application provides smart contracts for carbon traders to assure digital transactions that take place across organizations will retain credibility through the immutability offered by distributed ledger technology. In addition, the application supports reporting and surrendering of carbon credits or certificates to regulatory authorities.

  • Transmission Exchange
    During the management of transmission networks, this platform will provide real-time metering data, collection of big data, rights to access and dispatch assets, rapid transactions settlement, and network load balancing in response to non-stationary energy.

Power Ledger

Two-token system; POWR & Sparkz

The Power Ledger team made sure they would be able to synchronize the Ecosystem globally and create cross-market electricity compatibility, a second token, Sparkz, is used for Ecosystem transactions. Sparkz tokens are priced, issued, and redeemed in the local currency of the Platform Participant. Purchasing a sufficient amount of POWR tokens allows Application Hosts access to the Ecosystem from where they can convert their POWR tokens to Sparkz and on-board their customer base. POWR tokens are required to generate Sparkz.

 The Sparkz token represents the value of energy traded in the ecosystem, pegged to the lowest denomination in each jurisdiction – for example, in Australia 1 Sparkz would be equal to 1 Australian cent. Sparkz can be directly bought with fiat, allowing the average person to participate in the Power Ledger ecosystem without any understanding of cryptocurrency or blockchain.

Power Ledger Partnerships

Vector LTD:
New Zealands largest energy infrastructure company, with over 600,000 consumers. Vector has over 400 residential battery and solar systems owned, installed, and deployed across its network, and smart meters supplied to over one million homes across new Zealand and Australia.

Western Power:
The Western Australian State Government owned corporation builds, maintains, and operates the electricity network (distribution and transmission) in the south west corner of Western Australia. The network consists of more than 100,000km of infrastructure and services more than 1.1 million customers.

Is one of the main global consulting and technology companies and the technology partner for core business operations of it’s clients’ businesses throughout the world. It provides unique in-house solutions and advanced and high added value technology services.

Witchcliffe Ecovillage:
The Witchcliffe Ecovillage vision is to create a model of a highly sustainable, self-reliant community in a regional village setting, incorporating the best of 21st century technology. The urban/residential portion of the site is approximately 60 hectares of the whole site.

Access Housing:
Access Housing is one of Western Australia’s leading providers of Community Housing, specializing in tenancy and property management and property development for low to moderate income earners including seniors, people living with a disability or mental health illness, families, and single persons.

Power Ledger has a preferred supplier relationship with multinational smart metering and data service provider Landis+Gyr relating to the deployment of energy meters and communications infrastructure and the remote provision of metering data to support peer-to-peer energy trading.

LandCorp is the Western Australian Governments land development agency which creates new communities, delivers infill developments and ensures land is available to create and grow economic and employment opportunities in a planned and sustainable way. LandCorp is working on more than 150 residential, industrial and commercial projects across Western Australia.

Power Ledger – Team/ Advisors

The Powr team is relatively large (that’s a good thing) and the collective skill-sets amongst the team members is no joke. Bill Tai is a very well-known Angel Investor, Marc Griffiths was an Ex-Goldman Sachs developer and has worked on several proof-of-concept projects such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain, Eris, and Power Ledger. Also, Dr Gemma Green has close ties with Richard Branson.

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